does repeat itself

and this world class show is the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson.
Celebrate the music, the magic and all the history!  This is the closest you will ever get to seeing the King of Pop in concert...
Showtime is excited to bring to the world, History – a spectacular tribute to the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
This sensational recreation of pop history will be on tour around the world in 2011 2012.

Headlining the show is the world’s # 1 Michael Jackson impersonator, DANTANIO, who brings to the world audience the chance to relive the legend.  Together with a band of talented musicians, fully choreographed dancers,  authentic  costumes and and amazing production  HIStory is the recreation of what the fans want – a Michael Jackson concert! 

This musical biography will take you back to the Jackson 5 and then on a thrilling journey as hit after hit tells the story of one of the greatest pop icons the world has ever known.  HIStory features over twenty songs –
all performed live by DANTANIO  - including ABC, Ben, Smooth Criminal, Beat It and many, many more.
Michael Jackson remains the undisputed King of Pop and one of the greatest stars of all time –
HIStory celebrates his extraordinary talent and is a show you do not want to miss!


Born to a Gospel family, Dantanio began singing and dancing at the age of nine, developing a vocal repertoire spanning Pop, R’n’B, Swing, Jazz and Reggae. He went on to create a diverse career in the entertainment industry including theatrical work, songwriting for contemporary Pop stars and the release of two solo albums.
As a skilled impersonator specializing in Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr., Dantanio has travelled the world, including London, USA, South Africa, Bahrain and Kenya, and counts Top Gear (Britain), Sun International, and Nedbank among his corporate clients.

In 2014 the coveted part of Michael Jackson opened up in one of the world’s biggest tribute shows - Showtime Management’s ‘The Michael Jackson HIStory Show’ - and Dantanio was scouted by the show’s Director to fill the challenging role. Dantanio felt an affinity with Michael Jackson at an early age and his appreciation of Jackson’s dancing evolved into obsessive practice as he taught himself to emulate every detail of the Pop star’s trademark dance style. So good was his imitation that it resulted in his ejection from an amateur dance competition at age 16 because the judges believed him to be of a professional standard.

Coming ‘full circle’ from his beginnings as an inspired young MJ fan, Dantanio looks forward to honouring his idol with his role in The Michael Jackson HIStory Show, commencing with tours of South Africa and Asia in 2015.


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